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Commercial & Home Surveillance and Security Systems

Surveillance and Security System Control from Your Smartphone or Tablet

Keeping your family and your belongings from the prying eyes of burglars and thieves is a top concern with our clients. That is why we work closely with potential customers to deliver security systems that fulfill all of their needs and sooth their concerns. Our alarm, surveillance, and security systems are top of the line and user friendly, resulting in a system you know and trust for many years to come. Rest easy knowing you can look in on your home to see what is going on at any given moment from your phone or PED.

With many different systems available for consideration, including 24-hour monitoring systems and environmental options, you are sure to find a security system that works for you. Your home should be safe and secure, and Polos Electronics can help you keep it that way.
Your safety is our business, and we are only a call away for a free security estimate.

For your business, security is crucial. You want to feel that your hard work is safe and secure from potential burglars. At Polos Electronics, we take your security concerns seriously. We offer basic alarm and security systems at competitive prices, as well as custom installation jobs that are designed to fit all of your unique demands.

There is no contract required for our UL-Listed Central Station Monitoring, meaning you can rest easy knowing your business is protected and not have to worry about long term contracts or commitments. Monitoring your system is optional, not required. You can count on an effective system that you own directly, whether it is monitored or not.
That is just one more way that Polos Electronics is working for you.

Inside, Outside, And Even Your Entire Property

Surveillance systems are rapidly becoming a go-to solution for home security. These Systems can monitor the entire property, or just selected areas like the driveway or the front yard, where you need the most coverage. We offer indoor surveillance as well, meaning you can keep a camera in the baby’s room or have a covert house-wide system that keeps track of everything that goes on. Peek on your home throughout the day or night as you please.

Surveillance cameras and systems come in a variety of forms. Your system can include a variety of cameras; night-vision cameras, water proof cameras, PTZ, High Definition, License plate cameras, and high resolution cameras.
Speak with the knowledgeable and experienced staff here at Polos Electronics and let us help create an elite surveillance system that is custom-tailored to your needs and standards.