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wiring a new network switch

Smart Wiring & Cabling

Over 25 Years of Low Voltage Electrical & Networking Experience

Structured wiring is becoming more and more common amongst residential neighborhoods. These wiring systems consist of a panel where all television, phone, and network wires are connected in one central location. This makes any future wiring changes very simple to handle, and is great news for many people. If services change, phone lines are added, or networks need to be switched, it’s as easy as making the change in the structure panel.

At Polos Electronics, we design and install complete structural wiring systems that are suited to your specific needs. When every wire meets at a central location, it allows for the system to grow and change as technology dictates, and that means less hassle for you as a homeowner or business owner. These systems are a great way to future-proof your home, as they allow for simple changes to be made as technology advances and more options become available to you. For a smart wiring system that allows future-proof connectivity, contact Polos Electronics today. Jump ahead of the curve by letting us design and install a custom wiring system for your home or office.

Home and Office Networking Design

Networking is incredibly important in the world of small business. A solid networking system allows you to communicate with employees and clients with ease and efficiency. If you are in need of an office network, it is imperative that you know what will be the best foundation for your company. At Polos Electronics, we offer the best service in the industry for setting up home and office networking systems. We work closely with you, making sure your network is designed with reliability and efficiency. This provides you and your business with the effectiveness and continuity you will need if unforeseen circumstances occur. If you need quick help, call us and we will be there to aide in repairing or replacing crucial network components.

Whether you need to set up an entire office network for multiple employees, or just get your computer and phone connected at your home, Polos Electronics will ensure that you are up and running with a quality, personalized network that you can count on.